Atmel Delivers Capacitive Touch Controller with Industry's Best Proximity Sensing Range



Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), a leader in microcontroller and touch solutions, today announced it has achieved the touch controller market's longest proximity sensing range of over 10 inches (25cm) with the QTouch® AT42QT2120. A longer sensing range enables a system to wake up as an object or finger approaches the system. The system then turns on the backlight or boots up when touch operation commences. The Atmel QT2120 is ideal for applications in automotive, computing, consumer, industrial, medical and white and brown goods requiring proximity capability. The Atmel QT2120 capacitive touch controller utilizes the QTouchADC sensing algorithm to eliminate the need for external components, lowering the overall system cost for the designer. This architecture also delivers a faster scan time and lower current consumption for applications that perform proximity scanning in standby mode. All these features enable a superior touch interface in various applications and longer proximity sensing performance. "With the consumer, industrial and automotive markets growing at a 5-year CAGR of 5% from 2010, manufacturers are looking for features that differentiate their products from their competition," said Randy Lawson, principal analyst and manager of Consumer Electronics and Display Electronics research with IHS . "Proximity sensing can provide a key differentiating feature in these markets. With the Atmel launch of the QT2120, the company has enhanced its position in the capacitive touch controller market for buttons, sliders, wheels—and now, the proximity sensing market." The Atmel ATtiny20 and ATtiny40 AVR® microcontrollers can also deliver a proximity range of over 10 inches with QTouch Library. "Manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their products and user interfaces with more competitive features," said Geir Kjosavik, director of AVR segment marketing, Atmel Corporation. "With the Atmel QT2120 and the industry's longest proximity range, manufacturers for automotive, consumer and white/brown goods can redefine how capacitive touch interfaces appear to the end user." For more information, visit To see the latest Atmel videos, visit the Atmel YouTube Channel at You can also follow Atmel on Twitter at or on Facebook at Pricing and availability The Atmel QT2120 is available in production quantities now. Pricing starts at $1.12 for 1,000-piece quantities. To jump-start your design now, the Atmel EVK2120A evaluation kit (EV) is also available for $59.89. The EV kit will be available to be ordered via the Atmel Store in early December at