Atmel's SAMW25 SmartConnect Wi-Fi module now at Mouser



SAMW25 SmartConnect module

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the SAMW25 SmartConnect Wi-Fi module from Atmel. The SmartConnect SAMW25 module is presented as the industry’s first fully-integrated FCC-certified Wi-Fi module with a standalone microcontroller and hardware security from a single source. The fully integrated SAMW25 delivers a secure plug-and-play solution, integrating wireless technologies with the design flexibility required for Internet of Things (IoT) designers.

The Atmel SAMW25 module, now available from Mouser Electronics, incorporates Atmel's 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi ATWINC1500 module, along with an Atmel SMART SAM D21 ARM® Cortex®-M0+-based microcontroller and Atmel's ATECC108A optimized CryptoAuthentication™ engine with ultra-secure hardware-based key storage for secure connectivity. The SAMW25 module supports TLS, SSL, and WPA/WPA2 WiFi security encryption as well as network services such as DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP (IPv4), UDP, HTTP, and HTTPS. The compact 33.86 mm × 14.88 mm module offers the ideal solutions for designers seeking to add Wi-Fi connectivity with minimal previous experience in 802.11, IP stack, or radio frequency (RF).

The Atmel SAMW25 Xplained Pro evaluation kit, also available from Mouser Electronics, is a hardware platform to evaluate the onboard ATSAMW25H18-MR510PB SmartConnect Wi-Fi Module. Supported by the Atmel Studio integrated development platform, the kit provides easy access to the features of the SAMW25 module and explains how to integrate the device in a custom design. The Xplained Pro evaluation kit include an on-board embedded debugger, requiring no external tools to program or debug the SAMW25 module. The Xplained Pro extension kits offer additional peripherals to extend the features of the board and ease the development of custom designs.
The Atmel SAMW25 module is excellent for IoT designs, including smart appliances, home and factory automation, multimedia devices, and security applications.

SAMW25 SmartConnect module

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