Belgian Korys invests in Swedish renewable energy software maker Greenbyte



Belgian investment firm Korys, owned by the Colruyt family, is investing in the Swedish renewable energy software maker Greenbyte. Greenbyte’s software supports wind energy and solar PV owners, operators and asset managers in capturing the full potential of renewable energy projects. Since its founding in 2010, Greenbyte has grown almost entirely organically and now more than 7GW of wind and solar PV energy across 20+ countries are monitored through its software services Breeze and Bright.

Greenbyte aims to provide the leading independent platform for the renewable energy industry, a mesh through which owners, operators and other service providers can communicate around one central source of truth. Korys’ investment in Greenbyte will help the software company widen its offerings by providing services for all types of renewable energy at scale, deepen the number of use cases supported and sharpen its services and the value it can provide, also in new markets.

“We share the Greenbyte team’s conviction that renewables will continue to grow at rapid rate world-wide. Enabling technologies are critical in bringing down the cost of renewable energy assets and in increasing their operating life. We believe smart software to manage renewable energy assets will become increasingly important as owners seek to reduce operating expenditures and find new innovative ways to trade electricity. The Greenbyte team has a convincing track record of solid execution and a vision that matches our ambitious outlook on the sector.” – says Brieuc de Hults, Investment Manager at Korys.

“During the last year alone we have found ourselves in extreme growth mode, more than doubling our customer base and our team. At the same time, we realize there is so much more to be accomplished. We have only touched the surface of what can be achieved in the world of renewable energy, data and smart software. Together with Korys we are going to explore what’s next”. – says Jonas Corné, CEO of Greenbyte.