Bosch honors Infineon with award for innovation



Bosch recognized Infineon's radar chips with 77-gigahertz technology by presenting Infineon Technologies with an award for innovation in recognition of the RASIC product family. “The Bosch Global Supplier Award honors our top suppliers, who play such a key role in Bosch’s success,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman of the Bosch Board of Management, at the award ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany. This is the 14th time that the supplier of technology and services has given out the global supplier awards and the fifth time that Infineon was awarded as supplier.

Dr. Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon Technologies AG, accepted the award on behalf of the company and underscored the importance of Infineon’s cooperation with Bosch: “Our ability to innovate helps strengthen the competitiveness of our customers,” said Ploss. “We are proud to have made a key contribution to the development of driver assistance systems that offer extensive benefits in terms of safety and comfort.” Radar chips in innovative packaging help reduce system costs. This is creating new sales opportunities for Bosch and Infineon, as such cost reductions are making radar systems affordable for compact vehicles as well.

Radar sensors are already a standard feature in many premium and high-end vehicles today. They measure the distance between the vehicle they’re installed in and cars in front, next to, and behind it. The radar system of Bosch is used for adaptive cruise control, as well as emergency braking and traffic jam assist systems. Infineon supplies the chips that transmit and receive radar signals in order to measure distances to other vehicles and objects. A special technology has enabled Infineon to integrate its radar chips in packages without effecting transmission and reception quality. Infineon is the world’s second-biggest manufacturer of chips for automotive electronic systems, and the number one manufacturer in Europe. Every new vehicle built in the world today is equipped with 55 components from Infineon on average.

About the Bosch Global Supplier Award

The “Bosch Global Supplier Award” of the Robert Bosch GmbH recognizes outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products or services – notably in the areas of quality, costs, logistics, and innovations. In 2015, Bosch honored 58 suppliers from eleven countries. They received awards in the five categories of innovations, purchasing of indirect materials, raw materials and components, electronics and electromechanics as well as mechanics.