Brad HarshIO PROFINET I/O Modules Receive Conformance Class B Certification


Reliable IP67 rated Brad HarshIO PROFINET I/O Modules integrate fast start-up technology for sensors and actuators over PROFINET in automation systems

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Molex announces that its Brad® HarshIO PROFINET I/O Modules are now certified by the PNO (PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation) in accordance with PROFINET specifications meeting all requirements for conformance class B. Recently launched with Fast Start-Up (FSU) technology to provide reliable solutions for connecting industrial controllers to I/O devices, Brad HarshIO modules are suitable in a range of applications, including automation systems with higher-level machine control and a deterministic data cycle. "Conformance Class B certification of Brad HarshIO PROFINET I/O modules validates conformity to the PROFINET standard and trouble-free interoperability with other certified devices," says Eric Gory, global product manager, Molex. "Coupled with FSU technology, HarshIO Modules bring exceptional speed to the market for optimal flexibility in all industries using robots for repetitive tasks with precision, as well as in harsh environments." Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support extends Brad HarshIO module diagnostics of network functions, such as port status messages. A performance-adapted Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) increases data reliability. FSU technology for PROFINET enables Brad HarshIO Module to start and operate in less than 500ms. When PROFINET is used to control the sensors/actuators on the robot tooling, such as on an automotive welding robot, it is sometimes necessary to perform quick change of tools. During the successful certification, Brad HarshIO modules met all requirements for conformance class B, including easy, user-friendly module replacement without the need for an engineering tool. Additionally, Brad HarshIO PROFINET I/O modules support safety automation architectures using separate power supplies to power the inputs (sensors) and the outputs (actuators). The Brad HarshIO power connector includes separate grounding isolation between the input/logic ground and the output ground. This feature allows powering the module with two distinct power supplies commonly used in safety applications. "System designers often use safety relays that regularly perform pulse tests to detect short-circuit, ground fault or an earth fault," explains Gory. "If an error is detected, the safety function is triggered and unwanted and dangerous plant conditions can be averted." Brad HarshIO modules are complemented by a wide range of Molex products, including cordsets, receptacles, field-attachable connectors, Ethernet switches, PC interfaces, gateways, diagnostic tools and simulations software.