Brent Delta electrical system in 800 kW load run



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Brent Delta platform

In a text-book exercise in June, R&B Switchgear supplied the switchgear systems required to recommission Shell's oil platform Brent Delta. Shell are to shut down and dismantle the platform, under what is expected to be 'one of the most technologically demanding abandonment projects ever attempted'. R&B is responsible for modifying both the medium-voltage switchgear and the drilling platform low-voltage switchgear to enable the generating plant on the drilling platform to provide the main platform power. Among the UK's oldest and largest offshore developments, Brent Delta platform has delivered some 2 billion barrels of oil and about 5.7 trillion cubic feet of gas, but the declining output now will soon make it uneconomic.

The R&B generator panel synchronized the temporary generator to the Brent Delta electrical system, and loaded the power source to approximately 800 kW for a 4 hr successful load run. The Shell DSC team, R&B Switchgear of Rochdale, and NOV Portable Power of Aberdeen successfully completed this project in just ten weeks. R&B Switchgear NOV Portable Power