Chicago Children's Museum adopts LED-based energy-saving bulbs



LITETRONICS® International, a leading global manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient long-life lighting products, announced that the Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier has purchased several hundred of their energy-efficient LED PARFECTION™ bulbs for use in lighting their three floors of exhibits and activity areas that provide sensory experiences and engaging educational content for children, their families and caregivers. One of Chicago's top cultural attractions, and the second most visited children's museum in the country, the Museum serves more than 450,000 on-site visitors annually. The Museum had been using LITETRONICS 85 Watt PAR38 5,000-hour Halogen bulbs, and replaced them with 15 Watt PAR38 LED PARFECTION bulbs with a 50,000-hour life -- for a huge savings in energy costs and bulb replacement costs. The LED PARFECTION bulbs feature the patented Thermal Breeze™ Cooling System, which provides more air flow to the LEDs for cooler operation and longer life without moving parts or fans - enabling the exceptionally long 50,000 hour bulb life, with extremely high Lumen Maintenance, and extremely low Color Shift over time. These bulbs also weigh approximately 40% less than most competitive LED PAR bulbs, so they don't weigh-down track heads, and their efficient shape and dimensions enable them to easily fit in recessed fixtures and replace Halogen PAR bulbs. Unlike most competitive LED PAR bulbs, there are no ugly cooling "fins" on the exterior of the bulbs - providing appearance benefits in lighting applications where the bulbs are visible to the public. These LED bulbs are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which enabled the Museum to qualify for a ComEd Utility Rebate to offset a portion of the up-front cost. LITETRONICS