China compulsory certification improves product safety



CCC certification, also called 3C certification, is an acronym for "China Compulsory Certification". It came into force on May 1, 2002. The main feature of CCC certification is a unified catalogue published by the Chinese government, using national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, formulating unified marking and including fee standards.

Products Eligible for China Compulsory Certification and CCC Marking

The products subject to CCC Certification are divided into 20 categories covering: electrical wires and cords, small power motors, household appliances, motor vehicles, audio and video apparatus, information technology equipment, telecommunication terminal equipment, motorcycles, safety glasses, lighting apparatus and more.

The following information must be presented on the label, in Chinese, clearly and indelibly:

- Product name, model number
- Product specification: voltage, input/output current and so on
- Manufacturer's name or registered trademark
- CCC mark
- Place of origin

The CCC mark should be shown on the label when applicants purchase the Standard-size CCC Mark, or get permission to use an irregular-size CCC Mark.

Procedure for CCC Marking

China's CCC certification marking process spans over the following six stages:
1. Acceptance of the application and release application number and relative information
2. SGS arrange a pre-scan
3. Type testing
4. Factory inspection
5. Evaluation of the certification results and approval of certification
6. Follow-up inspection

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