CISSOID unveils High Temperature Dual-Channel, 2Mbit/s Isolated Data Transceiver


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CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature semiconductor solutions unveils RHEA, a high temperature data transmission solution with galvanic isolation of 2.5kV and operating reliably from -55°C to +225°C. The CHT-RHEA is a single chip dual channel, full duplex transceiver (2 transmit and 2 receive channels). The magnetic isolation on each channel is ensured by an external tiny pulse transformer, of which the core diameter does not exceed 6mm (0.24"). The complete 4-channel data transmission requires one instance of CHT-RHEA on each side of the pulse transformers. CISSOID has already demonstrated the overall function at board-level, including the transformer on the full temperature range. The PCB demonstrator based on CISSOID components achieves a data rate of 2MBits/s, with transmission delays and jitter respectively lower than 100ns and 25ns over the full chain. The circuit architecture, the modulation scheme and the transformer design have been optimized to provide immunity to extreme dV/dt, as high as 50kV/μs. The solution offers state-of-the-art digital signal isolation with substantial advantages over opto-couplers such as high reliability, lower-power, high immunity to dV/dt and operation in extreme temperature conditions. CHT-RHEA is a versatile component which is useful everywhere a digital signal has to be transmitted with galvanic isolation between two different common mode voltage domains under extreme temperatures. At conventional temperatures, RHEA will ensure outstanding reliability and life time of the system. Applications include isolated gate drivers for IGBT, JFET and MOSFET power transistors, including Silicon Carbide (SiC) switches, industrial busses, isolated A-D converters and sensor interfaces, motor drives and battery management in industrial, aeronautics, railway and electric & hybrid vehicles. RHEA integrated circuit will be used in CISSOID's upcoming complete isolated gate driver technology called HADES™, for transmission of control and feedback signals across the low and high voltage domains. The preliminary datasheet of RHEA is available on CISSOID's website and engineering samples in SOIC28 package will be available in the first quarter of 2011. For more information, visit or contact the company's representatives at