Compact 6x32 mm Fuse Designed for Applications Requiring High Voltage and High Interrupting Rating



Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection announces the 0ADA Series of fuses, which are available now in ceramic cartridge and pigtail, axial leaded options for AC and DC for high voltage and high interrupting rating applications.

The 6x32 mm 0ADAC ceramic cartridge fuses and the 6x32 mm 0ADAP pigtail, axial leaded fuses are designed for customer applications which require a high voltage rating and high interrupting rating, such as digital meters, industrial power supplies, DC/DC modules, power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), smart meters and 3 phase AC. 0ADA Series fuses also offer a smaller form factor than today’s traditional fuses can provide. The 0ADA Series is rated 600VAC and DC with a 10kA interrupting rating.

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