Current Sense Resistors Now Available in 0.2 Milliohm Values



Today's high current power supplies demand high efficiency and accuracy. This can be difficult because typically low resistance values can not offer low TCR.

Stackpole’s CSS2725 is a surface mount 4 watt all-metal current sense resistor that is now available in resistance values down to 0.2 milliohm in 100 ppm TCR. The AEC compliant CSS2725 offers operating temperatures up to 225C and full power operation up to 100C ambient.

This combination of low resistance, high stability, and high precision makes the CSS2725 ideal for a wide range of industrial controls, motor and engine controls, and high current power supply requirements.

Typical pricing for the CSS2725 is $0.4625 each in full package quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing.

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