Diodes' Multi-Topology LED Driver Raises Performance of High Brightness Lighting Systems



Diodes Incorporated has announced a multi-topology LED driver designed to increase the performance of high brightness automotive, industrial and commercial lighting systems. Operating in buck, boost and buck-boost modes, the ZXLD1374 LED driver with integrated 60V power MOSFET switch is capable of producing a maximum LED current of 1.5A. The IC uses high-side current sensing and patent pending control loops to achieve high accuracy current control of LED strings. An extended input voltage range of 6V to 60V combined with a typical 1% output current tolerance in all topologies means the driver readily supports the high current levels and tight inter-lamp luminance-matching needed by high brightness LED systems. The inclusion of active LED thermal management, achieved via a dedicated external thermistor input, and through fault diagnosis outputs reporting LED driver and load status, results in greater LED reliability and longevity. With dedicated DC dimming and PWM dimming pins, the ZXLD1374 provides a 1000:1 dynamic dimming range at 500Hz, ensuring highly accurate control of colour mixing and excellent resolution at low brightness levels. The IC's 1MHz switching frequency capability with 100kHz low frequency clamp also helps reduce the size of the external inductor and simpler design of any input EMI filters. The ZXLD1374 LED driver is priced at $0.95 in 1k quantities. Further information is available at: www.diodes.com/products www.diodes.com