Diotec's Slim Profile "Green" Rectifier Helps to Save Board Space



Diotec Semiconductor introduces a new low profile SMD bridge rectifier in the popular outline TO-269AA ("MiniDIL"), called the S40 through S500 "SLIM" series. Their encapsulation is made by a halogen-free, "green" molding compound. Its maximum height of 1.6mm allows designers to put the device on the bottom side of the PCB, where so far only thin passives were placed. Comparable bridges in the same package had up to know a height of 2.5mm, making it impossible for bottom side placement. However, the top side of most PCB designs is already quite full equipped with transformers and capacitors. Placing the bridge "downsides" helps to save a lot of board space, making devices smaller, lighter and also less expensive. The body size (4.7 x 3.9mm) and the pitch between the leads (2.54mm) remains like given in the TO-269AA industry standard. The S40 through S500 "SLIM" series offers a superior forward surge current rating of 40 Amps, compared to maximum 30 Amps of competitive devices. Thus they are more robust and need less effort for inrush limitation. The products are rated at true 0.8 Amps, with also the forward voltage VF specified at 0.8 Amps in the data sheet and fully tested in production. The bridge is assembled using the Diotec's proprietary "QuattroChip" die assembly process meaning all 4 dice are aligned which results in an optimized thermal contact and resistance. The Plasma EPOS chip passivation allows for reverse voltages from 80 (S40) up to 1000 Volts (S500). www.diotec.com