DSP Group's DHX91 ULE SoC drives Panasonic's latest smart home system



DSP Group, a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions
for converged communications, announced that Panasonic has
selected DSP Group's advanced ULE (Ultra Low Energy) SoC solution for
its new KX-HN600 series for smart home monitoring and control.
Panasonic is the leader in business and home telephone systems, unified
business communications, security and surveillance systems, retail
information systems, and office productivity solutions.

The new systems from Panasonic consist of an OTT Gateway, video
surveillance cameras, window/door sensors, motion sensors, and smart
plugs with voice capabilities - all powered by DSP Group's advanced ULE

Panasonic's new smart home monitoring products leverage key ULE
attributes including high fidelity, superior range, two-way real-time
audio and video, and ultra-low power consumption - which allows
battery-operated devices to work for years. DSP Group, a pioneer in
this area, provides solutions that leverage the company's extensive
expertise in short range wireless communications and its comprehensive
DECT and ULE product portfolio.

Video-over-ULE is an ideal use case for IoT products in general and
smart home systems in particular - owing to ULE's low power, dedicated
frequency band, and flawless home coverage. ULE-based solutions allow
video steams to be propagated to the cloud for various applications
ranging from baby and room monitors to video door bells and other
surveillance applications.

"We are very excited that Panasonic based its new smart home system on
our DHX91 SoCs. We see it as a vote of confidence in ULE technology and
its exceptional fit for smart home applications, especially wireless
voice, data and video over a single RF link," said Ofer Elyakim, CEO of
DSP Group. "We are confident that the new Panasonic systems will drive
many new and innovative IoT product concepts," he continued.

DSP Group