Eaton's New BladeUPS Top-Entry Preassembled System Provides Easier Installation and Cabling Options



Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced that its award-winning BladeUPS® system is now available in a preassembled system cabinet designed for easier power cabling access. The BladeUPS Top-Entry Preassembled System simplifies installation for applications without a raised floor environment and serves as a flexible option when facing data center moves, additions or changes. The BladeUPS Top-Entry Preassembled System is designed for data center managers interested in consolidating stand-alone Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs) in order to ease UPS management and enhance power capacity planning. Eaton recently worked with Allison-Smith Company, one of the South's leading electrical contracting firms, to specify a UPS for a customer with limited space in its information technology (IT) room. "Not only did the small footprint of the BladeUPS Top-Entry Preassembled System work well within the space limitations, but because it is a fully integrated cabinet we could easily install it at the end of our customer's existing cabinet lineup," said Kevin Dyer, project manager, Allison-Smith Company. "Many of our small-to-medium enterprise clients are moving toward the non-raised floor environments and the Top-Entry BladeUPS system gives electricians the flexibility to feed cables overhead when configuration options are constrained." "Leading market analysts agree that more and more of today's IT equipment is being deployed in non-raised floor applications. This trend will continue as higher cooling requirements outstrip the capability of the typical levels delivered in the raised floor setting," said Chris Loeffler, product manager, Eaton Power Quality Division. "These new IT deployments require a scalable power solution that can integrate with a modular air management solution. BladeUPS delivers the highest efficiency with the ability to easily integrate." All preassembled systems simplify the shipping and installation processes for data center managers, while allowing them to take full advantage of the BladeUPS' energy-efficient, modular design. For additional information about the BladeUPS Top-Entry Preassembled System and to download the product data sheet, visit To learn more about Eaton's complete line of power quality products and service portfolio, visit