Energy Focus' tubular LED works with or without a ballast for flourescent retrofit



Energy Focus, a leader in LED lighting technologies, announced
that it has completed the development of and has been granted all
regulatory approvals, including the Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
certification, to launch an innovative and novel new family of LED
lighting products, Intellitube, for use in the U.S. market. Intellitube
is the only tubular LED product available in the market today that
supports both "plug-and-play" direct-fit operation that works with a
ballast, as well as single-ended direct-wire operation that does not
require a ballast to function.

"We are absolutely excited to introduce to the commercial markets this
groundbreaking, category-defining product line based on our proprietary
and patented intellectual properties that serve as the technical
foundation of our military LED tubes, which are now installed in over
160 U.S. naval combatant vessels and counting," said James Tu,
Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Similar to how our
Navy LED tubes identify and optimize operations in various lighting
installations and with different ballasts, Intellitube is able to
"intelligently" adapt to lighting installations for both plug-and-play
and direct-wire, ballast removal for commercial and industrial
applications. This industry leading solution offers our customers
unique flexibility to either eliminate or postpone the upfront labor
cost involved in removing the ballasts, or save additional energy by
removing the ballasts during the retrofit, thereby dramatically
broadening the appeal and accelerating the adoption of LED tube

Intellitube continues Energy Focus' commitment toward providing low
total cost of ownership for customers with safe, reliable, and high
efficiency LED lighting at competitive prices. Luminous efficacy will
remain at approximately 130 lumens per watt (lpw) in direct-wire mode
and 110 lpw in direct-fit mode.

Intellitube is available in three color temperatures: the Zen Series
produces warm white light at 3,500 kelvin, the Focused Series produces
natural white light at 4,000 kelvin, and the Brilliant Series produces
cool white light at 5,000 kelvin. Each series includes products with
three power levels in the 4-foot lamps (13, 15, and 18 watt), as well
as an 8 watt 2-foot lamp, to provide customers with a range of
brightness and warmth to fit their needs. Intellitube also incorporates
Energy Focus "Flicker-Free" technology, which completely eliminates the
120-hertz variation in lamp brightness common in other LED products.

The complete Intellitube product line will be featured at the Energy
Focus Inc. booth (#3959) at LIGHTFAIR International 2015 at the Javits
Center in New York City on May 5-7, 2015.

Energy Focus