Energy Meters target multiple apps, including metering and monitoring



Grässlin's taxxo Energy Meters

Grässlin's taxxo Energy Meters are designed for a variety of applications, including metering and monitoring energy consumption in private households, industry, craft, and facility management. The analog and digital energy meters measure the active energy of alternating current circuits or 3-phase circuits.

Analog or digital - always reliable
The taxxo M 45-1 analog meter is designed for alternating current circuits and DIN rail mounting with a width of one module to easily fit in your control cabinet. The device does not require external power supply to reliably show the measured values, which makes it perfect for private household applications.

The taxxo ER 80-1 is also a single-phase meter with an illuminated digital LC display that shows six digits in two lines. The counter can be reset anytime which allows an easy monitoring of consumption and therefore a reliable cost control.

Settle your accounts
If energy consumption is charged and needs to be allocated to the various users, the continuous reliability of the taxxo energy meters will be essential. For commercial and industrial applications, Grässlin offers two energy-metering devices with MID certificate that are rated 2004/22/EG by the European Measuring Instruments Directive and are delivered gaged ex works.

The main application areas for the MID certificated devices are apartment houses, camping sites and marinas, electric heating systems, machines, industrial and commercial buildings, and solar power systems.

taxxo E 45-1-MID is a digital 1-phase-meter that provides the easiest and most inexpensive possibility to measure chargeable energy consumption.

For monitoring more than one user, choose the taxxo E 100-3-MID. This device has a width of seven modules. The 3-phase connection enables metering consumption of various users within a three-phase circuit, making it the perfect metering device for the charging in apartment houses, malls, camping sites, or marinas.