Ericsson Power Modules introduces new application for Android smartphones



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Ericsson Power Modules has launched a new application, or ‘app', for Android smartphones that delivers easy access to real-time strategic information on the latest advanced power technologies available from the company. The new Power Modules app has been designed to keep Power Modules' customers informed, in real time, about the latest products, technologies and news from Ericsson Power Modules, and to offer quick and easy access to sales contacts, support and technical information. "Designed in close collaboration with customers and business partners, the simple, clear and easy-to-navigate app complements all other available channels of information," said Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing and Communication Director of Ericsson Power Modules. "For example, the app does not duplicate the Ericsson Power Modules website; but if more detailed information is required, then the app will bring the user directly to the website, or allow the user to call local product support for additional information, again directly from the app."

The new ‘Power Modules' app offers three tabs:

  • The ‘Series' tab summarizes the Top 10 products, combining the latest products with the most popular products, based on customer interest. The tab is frequently updated with new products and other important information. Selecting a product provides a short summary and offers the opportunity to learn more by downloading the technical specifications of the product, and also to share the information with colleagues. Additionally, a ‘View All' function will take the user directly to the Ericsson Power Modules website.
  • The ‘Newsletters' tab provides updates on the latest news on products, technology, events and other issues important to Ericsson Power Modules customers and business partners.
  • The ‘Sales Contact' tab lists the Ericsson Power Modules sales offices worldwide and, using Android's geo-location capabilities, displays the nearest sales office. Selecting the appropriate office provides the address and offers a map showing the exact location of the office, in addition to offering options to call or email the target office.
The app has been developed under the Android platform and complies with Android 2.3.5, the latest version of the operating system for smartphones. Available free of charge via the Android Market, the app can be found at: Code for quick access to the Ericsson Power Modules app from Android Smartphones: Ericsson was the first company to launch digitally controlled POL (point-of-load) regulators based on a digital core controller. Through close cooperation with board and systems designers, the company was the first to release a 21st century power architecture that can be fully integrated into the rest of the digital chain of processors and associated components.