ERNI'S MicroSpeed connector systems enable 10-Gbps speed, blind mating and design flexibility


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Available in multiple configurations

Click image to enlarge: ERNI rates the MicroSpeed connector for 10-Gbps lines and 500 mating cycles. The blind-mating connector affords a longitudinal-misalignment tolerance of 0.7 mm and angular-misalignment tolerance of up to 4°.

ERNI has developed the MicroSpeed high-speed board-to-board connector system with a 1.0-mm pitch. The MicroSpeed connector system is capable of speeds up to 10 Gbps and is available in mezzanine, right angle and coplanar configurations. The open pin field design of the MicroSpeed connector can accommodate differential or single-ended signals, while maintaining maximum performance speed. An added security measure for system integration is afforded by the generous mis-mating allowances of the unique contact design, which provides a longitudinal-misalignment tolerance of 0.7 mm and angular-misalignment tolerance of up to 4°. The MicroSpeed connector system yields excellent RF signal characteristics. The rows of signal pins in the board-to-board configuration are shielded on the perimeter of the connector body and can be optimized for high impedance signal transmissions. The MicroSpeed connector system is also available in blind mating versions for demanding applications where ruggedness and flexibility are necessary. Guide elements in the plug side and improved lead-in for receptacle mating ensures proper alignment and secure connections on the first attempt. "The MicroSpeed connector is unlike other products on the market in that its female contacts incorporate two points of contact, ensuring reliability and a unique design that guarantees up to 500 mating cycles," said Sam Hines, product coordinator at ERNI. "The availability of this connector system in three different configurations also allows for engineers to replace existing connectors in a number of different devices with this superior design." Microspeed connectors are available in both SMT and SMT/THR termination styles. The SMT/THR style uses traditional SMT contacts but THR for the perimeter shield, which provides excellent board retention and strain relief should the application require high stack heights, or if the connector is integrated within a system of heavy daughter cards. The connector body incorporates polarized board locating pegs for easy, error-free placement and processing. ERNI leads are formed as an integral part of the stamping die, as opposed to other leads that are bent and stamped for SMT termination. This innovative process guarantees coplanarity of 0.1 mm and virtually eliminates processing defects. MicroSpeed connector systems are available in board-to-board configuration with 50, 91, and 133 positions and in mezzanine configurations with stack heights from 5mm to 20mm in 1-mm increments. Typical pricing starts at $6.00 for a 50-position connector with a lead time of six weeks. ERNI