ETAL approved to join JOSCAR


ETAL UK has been recently approved to join the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR).

This approval is valued by world leaders in the defence and aerospace industry, and is a mark of ETAL's continued commitment to compliance and quality assurance.


Commenting on the approval, Dan Phelan, President of ETAL Group, said, "We are pleased to have met the requirements to become a fully compliant supplier on the JOSCAR register. Our membership assures customers that we strive to meet the highest standards of quality and comply with the highest standards. We are already seeing great opportunities for growth in the defence and aerospace industries and this approval will take us from strength to strength."


JOSCAR aims to simplify supplier accreditation for buyers, suppliers and the four vital industries across which it operates: aerospace, defence, security and space. It helps suppliers demonstrate they are 'fit for business' in increasingly complex supply chains to ensure national and global regulatory corporate governance. The cross-sector collaborative solution reduces time and cost associated with assurance and provides immediate access to a single source for accurate, comprehensive and high quality data, ensuring careful management of supply chain risks and brand reputation. With supplier competition from across the globe, JOSCAR demonstrates the international efficacy of UK suppliers and supply chains.


ETAL is already a leading supplier of magnetic components for the aerospace and defence market as well as telecom, medical and automotive industries. Its portfolio of both custom and standard components includes chokes, air coils, coils, current transformers, power transformers and signal transformers. A particular strength is high-end and reliable planar products such as custom made transformers and/or inductors that combine superior performance with overall low cost.