Expanded High-Transparency Aluminum Nitride Substrate Line


Advance Drives Performance Gains of 265 nm Optoelectronic Components

HexaTech, Inc. announced an expansion of its deep-UV transparent 2-inch diameter, single crystal aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate product line, launched earlier this year.  This new product line extension provides significantly higher substrate transparency for dramatically improved optoelectronic device performance.  HexaTech, the world's leading commercial supplier of single crystal AlN substrates, continues to drive technology development programs in direct support of the increasing application demands of the ultraviolet C (UV-C) wavelength light-emitting diode (LED) market.

"HexaTech has been laser-focused on accelerating the performance and production capabilities of our high transparency product line, which are being aggressively pursued by our customers," noted HexaTech CEO, John Goehrke.  He added, "We will continue with these intensive development efforts, and look forward to delivering even greater product performance and value in the coming months."

All of HexaTech's 2-inch diameter products, including the new deep-UV transparent substrate product line, are available now with standard lead times. For more information on HexaTech's technology and products, please visit HexaTech.