Expanded Range of 16V Operation 1.0A Step-up DC/DC Converters



Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched a synchronous rectification type boost DC/DC converter--XC9143/XC9144 series, which incorporates two driver FETs required for switching operation.

In recent years, demands of power supply ICs for small display systems and drive systems such as small motors and valves have increased in various fields. Conventional booster ICs which are used in this field have an input voltage range of only Li-ion 1 cell and cannot be used with a wide range of input sources. In addition, as it was a non-synchronous type with an external diode, the mounting space was tended to increase. The XC9143/XC9144 series is an IC that meets the required specifications in this field.

The input voltage range of the XC9143/XC9144 series is wide from 1.3V to 16V. So that it is possible to boost from a wide range of input sources such as 2 dry cell cells, 2 LI-ion cells or 12V line. Built-in low on-resistance driver transistor enable to realize space saving and supply with output current up to 400mA (VOUT=12V, VIN=5.0V). Regarding XC9144, since PFM operation is performed automatically in low output current region, it can support the output power with high efficiency from light load to heavy load.

Since compensation components required for stable operation are built in, it is unnecessary to select external components or perform constant design for phase compensation. Additionally, since each protection function, limit value, etc. are adjusted internally, it is possible to reduce the number of external parts required for operation. Because the on-board package is compact as USP-6C, it contributes to reducing the occupied area together with a small number of parts.

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