FRD Super Junction MOSFETs with RDS(on) of 95 mOhm



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FRD Super Junction MOSFETs with RDS(on) of 95 mOhm

­Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has released two aMOS5 600V FRD Super Junction MOSFETs. aMOS5 is AOS's high voltage MOSFET platform, designed to meet the high efficiency and high-density needs of servers, workstations, telecom rectifiers, solar Inverters, EV charging, motor drives and industrial power applications. The design of today's mid-high power switched-mode power supply (SMPS) and solar inverter systems boil down to four major challenges: higher efficiency, higher density, lower system costs, and uncompromised robustness. High Voltage Super Junction MOSFETs are well-suited for topologies such as single/interleaved/dual boost/CrCM TP PFCs, LLC, PSFB, multi-level NPC/ANPC and so forth. aMOS5 is a High Voltage Super Junction solution tailored for fast switching, ease-of-use and robustness in mission-critical applications. aMOS5 FRD FETs are engineered with an intrinsic body diode to handle hard commutation scenarios, when the freewheeling body diode is in reverse recovery due to abnormal operations, such as short-circuit or start-up transients. The two products released, the AOK095A60FD (TO-247) and AOTF125A60FDL (TO-220F), are 600V FRD FETs with 95mOhm and 125mOhm maximum RDS(on), respectively. In tests conducted by AOS engineers the body diodes of these two FRD FETs have survived high di/dt under abnormal system conditions, even at elevated junction temperatures of up to 150°C. Additionally, AOS tests have shown that these devices' operate with a noticeably lower turn-off energy (Eoff) than standard solutions, which contributes to higher efficiency in light or mid-load conditions.

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