Fujitsu selects Wind River portfolio for RAID next-generation disk storage system


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Wind River has announced that Fujitsu relies on the real-time operating system, VxWorks, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Hypervisor for the development of their next generation of ETERNUS RAID disk storage systems. As the amount of data and traffic continues to explode across the enterprise, network storage capacity and connectivity needs have grown. The trend of multicore processing has also increased software complexity, often equating to rising costs. Using virtualization, Wind River Hypervisor enabled Fujitsu to partition their Intel multicore processor and take advantage of both VxWorks with its 64-bit computing support and Wind River Linux to create a flexible high-performance storage product delivered on time and on budget. The combination of Wind River software and global customer support helped Fujitsu reduce costs and provided a scalable architecture for future expansion. The Fujitsu line of disk storage systems accommodates all levels of businesses, from small to medium sized businesses to large data centers and virtualized environments that can serve capacity-intensive environments with tremendous storage density. The new line of RAID disk storage-system products will be available in 2014. "We needed a flexible and reliable development environment to manage increasing software complexity resulting from multicore deployment as well as secure performance. Wind River's comprehensive portfolio and deep expertise helped us unlock multicore capabilities, and Fujitsu was able to significantly shrink the time and cost for development," said Mr. Shigeo Konno, general manager of the Storage Systems Division at Fujitsu. "Having a global leader like Fujitsu relying on a variety of our technologies speaks to Wind River's trusted software and expertise," said Warren Kurisu, vice president of product marketing at Wind River. "By providing a comprehensive set of solutions, including the industry leading RTOS, embedded Linux and virtualization technologies and support, Wind River allows Fujitsu to streamline the development process and deliver powerful devices capable of handling the storage needs of today and future networks." Wind river is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel. Wind River