Further Optimized Automotive 180nm BCD-on-SOI Technology


X-FAB Silicon Foundries has announced new medium-voltage transistors – complementing the company’s 180nm BCD-on-SOI technology platform (XT018).

The new medium voltage devices cover voltages from 12V to 32V. With that customers now have access to a complete portfolio of different voltage options – covering a 10V to 200V voltage range. These new complementary NMOS/PMOS devices support automotive AEC-Q100 grade 0 designs and deliver competitive on-resistance (Rdson) figures combined with robust safe-operating areas for Rdson, Idsat and Vth. Designs may be optimized for operational performance and size by selecting the most appropriate transistors. X-FAB’s XT018 technology is also the only one that offers a full range of automotive grade-0 qualified memory options, including SONOS-based Flash and embedded EEPROM.


In addition to the availability of the new medium-voltage devices, X-FAB has also announced the full volume production of the 70V to 125V high-voltage transistors that it first released last summer. These devices are mainly targeted at the growing market for automotive 48V board net and battery management system (BMS) ICs. X-FAB has already received a number of customer designs that utilize the different voltage options in automotive, industrial and consumer applications.


BCD-on-SOI is superior in many aspects when compared to conventional bulk BCD technologies, making it very attractive to design engineers. Key advantages include virtual latch-up free circuits, strong EMC resilience (due to complete isolation with buried oxide/DTI), lowest substrate coupling for fast switching DC/DC converters and simplified handling of below ground transients. Furthermore, through the potential for significant die size reduction along with first-time-right implementation, development periods can be accelerated and lower costs per die can be achieved.


“We are excited to see increasing customer adoption of our 180nm BCD-on-SOI process,” states Tilman Metzger, product marketing manager high-voltage at X-FAB. “Closing up the gap on the medium-voltage side in XT018 will enable our customers to design more cost-effective products, such as 100V and 200V high-side gate drivers and smart integrated brushless DC motor drivers.”