Fusible resistors from TT Electronics save PCB space


Radial taped power resistors ideal for minimal footprint designs

Fusible resistors from TT Electronics save PCB space

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today launched its ULWP2R range of fusible wirewound resistors. By combining the functions of a fuse and a line input resistor in a single, vertical radial formed component the resistors save valuable PCB space.

The UL recognised, 2W rated power resistors are aimed at designers of high-density PSU circuits where PCB space is at a premium, fusing must be provided, and where automatic insertion is a requirement.  For use in both the industrial and consumer sectors, the resistors can be deployed in power supplies, white goods controllers, circuit breakers, line input circuits, protection circuits and other applications.

Factors driving the demand for this type of component are cost reduction re-designs that are increasing both the popularity of dual function components and the automated insertion of parts that cannot be switched to SMD.  Further, the increasing electronic content in electrical products is putting pressure on the space available for PSU sections.

With UL1412 recognition, TT Electronics’ ULWP2R range of fusible wirewound resistors makes it easier for customers to get UL approval and provides third party assurance of a safety critical part.  The resistor’s radial, vertical format saves PCB space and also stops surrounding components and the PCB overheating, reducing field failure costs. 

The inrush and surge withstanding resistors provide failsafe mains fusing at 120/240Vrms and they feature a UL94-V0 flameproof coating. Supplied in tape and reel packaging they are ideal for minimal footprint designs that require flameproof components for automated through-hole assembly, simultaneously reducing assembly costs.

The ULWP2R range of fusible wirewound resistors enables designers to build compact and affordable fire prevention into their products.  TT Electronics also offers other 2W rated wirewound and metal film power resistors that are now available in radial taped format including the wirewound high surge WHS series.

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