Generator Source Brings Backup Power to Residential Space



Generator Source announced the launch of its new platform to help residential customers plan and purchase backup power equipment. Generator Mart will assist consumers and small businesses find the right generators and accessories to provide reliable power 24/7/365.

Generator Mart offers a curated selection of natural gas, diesel, and gasoline generators, along with the advice and frameworks to select the right equipment for every situation and budget. Power calculators allow consumers to quickly determine their home or business's electrical requirements and find a suitable generator to match. 

By providing consumers with access to the world's best residential backup generators, Generator Mart will bring down the overall cost of reliable energy. Mart partnered with top manufacturers, such as Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Cummins, MTU, Mi-T-M, and Multiquip, to deliver a line-up of home standby generators as well as portable units. 

"We wanted to offer individuals and small businesses the same level of reliable electricity that America's largest businesses enjoy. From charging our devices to cooling our homes, power touches every part of our lives and when the grid fails, we all need backup solutions," said Eddie Vecchiarelli, the CEO of Generator Source. 

Underinvestment in the United States power grid results in Americans experiencing 3-20x more time without electricity than other western countries (IEEE Spectrum). 70% of outages are caused by weather events (Edison Electric Institute). Despite the frail American grid, experts estimate that only 3% of American households have backup generators (Builder Online).

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