Global Power Technologies Group Becomes SemiQ



Global Power Technologies Group announced this week that it has changed its legal company name to SemiQ. The name reflects the company’s strategic concentration on designing and manufacturing high quality silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors.

SemiQ is an integrated development and manufacturing company that grows its own SiC epitaxial and is building the most reliable, redundant supply chain with multiple substrate suppliers, multiple epitaxial suppliers, two wafer fabrication facilities, and multiple packaging and testing facilities. 

“Our new brand presents SemiQ as one of the most globally innovative and complete silicon carbide semiconductor companies for the commercial power conversion and energy market,” stated Michael DiGangi, vice president of business development.

SiC wide band-gap technology has experienced tremendous growth in demand due to its enhanced performance traits. Compared to  Silicon, SiC products reduce power losses and enable higher power density, voltages, temperatures and frequencies, making it ideal for high-voltage applications including power supplies, industrial power electronics, solar inverters and electric vehicles.

SemiQ’s product line includes silicon carbide (SiC) power discretes (diodes and MOSFETs), silicon (Si) and SiC power modules, SiC wafers and die, and SiC Epitaxial wafers. The firm also offers custom semiconductor module designs for power system engineers needing modules that accommodate challenging customer-driven power conversion designs and applications.

SemiQ is a partially employee-owned company that believes continued technological innovation of SiC products is the foundation for power electronics in energy industries of the future. SemiQ’s agility is its strength, as SemiQ is uniquely focused on manufacturing Sic components and SiC epitaxial wafers for the development of low cost, high frequency, high temperature and high-efficiency power semiconductor devices.

SemiQ’s headquarters are in Lake Forest, California. For additional information please visit the company website at