Halogen-free Saf-D-Grid DC power connector from Anderson Power Products offers greener alternative



Saf-D-Grid Ultra Short Receptacle

The Saf-D-Grid® Ultra Short Receptacle is now being manufactured in a halogen free, high temperature housing material to meet equipment manufactures’ desire to offer eco-friendly devices. Saf-D-Grid is a 25A 600V-capable DC connector system size-compatible with IEC 320 C13 and C14 AC standard panel cut outs. The Ultra Short Receptacle minimizes space requirements within the device and also allows solder termination to wires. Saf-D-Grid® is the only connector system so sized that is UL rated for safe disconnect of a 400 VDC, 20 amp load.

The APP Saf-D-Grid is presented as the only connector with “Registered Product” status for the EMerge Alliance® standard for 380 volt (+/- 190) DC power distribution systems for use in data centers and telecom central offices. This connector system provides a critical link in the broad scale adoption of 380 VDC power distribution systems by providing a safe power interconnect for power supplies, power distribution units, and peripheral devices.

Benefits include:
• 2 to 10 times more reliable
• 7 to 15% more energy efficient
• 10 to 33% less space required
• Up to 30% reduction in maintenance
• 6 to 10% lower CAPEX equipment costs
• Simplified integration of on-site energy generation and storage

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