Hathway taps STMicroelectronics to drive its HD Set-Top boxes



STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, announced that Hathway, a leading cable Multi-System Operator (MSO) in India with more than 6 million digital subscribers has chosen ST's highly integrated systems-on-chips (SoC) to power two of its advanced high-definition (HD) set-top boxes. ST's STiH273 (Palma) drives Hathway's newest HD entry-level set-top box and the STi7141 forms the heart of the new-generation interactive, Multi-Tuner HD DVR set-top box. A highly-integrated, secure and optimized HD cable chipset, the STiH273 allows Hathway to deliver a great user experience in entry-level set-top boxes. The technology will help broaden market access to HD zappers and enable Hathway to win extra subscribers and grow revenues. Manufactured in 40nm process technology, the chipset supports an enhanced processing engine with integrated on-chip features that simplify set-top box design, enable operators to take advantage of lower-cost memories, and meet the latest low-power objectives. The STiH273 integrates a field-proven and widely deployed DVB-C demodulator and it has been optimized to work with high-performance external CAN and silicon tuners to meet the stringent RF-performance requirements of the Indian Cable networks. The STiH273 also delivers high-quality Faroudja® video, 3DTV support, connectivity, and advanced security schemes with all the latest CAS (Conditional Access System) support, such as NSK2. The STi7141 inside Hathway's interactive Multi-Tuner HD DVR set-top-box will help Hathway launch a multi-service platform with advanced features. The ST device also brings a whole new level of integration along with interactivity in set-top boxes and will be a key enabler for new services blending Internet and traditional cable content. The STi7141 supports the latest HD broadcast standards including MPEG4/H.264/VC1 decoding and integrates a DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem. The DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 cable modem technology enables always-on Internet connection and supports IP-based interactive TV and Internet telephone services. ST's DOCSIS 2.0-compliant STi7141 supports downlink data speeds of 40Mbps. Support for HDMI, USB, eSATA and Ethernet interconnects is also built in. "Our new high-definition digital set-top boxes benefit from STMicroelectronics' feature-packed and flexible system-on-chip ICs and provide an ideal platform for us to deliver innovative value-added services to our customers," said Mr. Jayant Changrani, President, Hathway. "Our pioneering model of aligning with strategic partners, who share our vision and bring in world-class experience, state-of-the-art technology and expertise to execute our plans, has helped us in creating both enhanced customer satisfaction and sustaining our leadership edge in India." "Hathway has an outstanding footprint in India's cable TV services market and has been a frontrunner in bringing innovative and cutting-edge technology to its customers," said Mr. Vivek Sharma, Vice President, Greater China and South Asia Region, and Director, India Design Center, STMicroelectronics. "This important design win confirms the competitiveness of our product offering, enabling ST to deliver customized solutions for any specific set-top box market, and emphasizes our commitment to support strategic and fast-growing emerging markets through local resources, such as the ST Greater Noida research and development center." With the ongoing mandated transition to digital TV services across India, ST's comprehensive and complete solutions, designed for fast time-to-market, will enable service providers to bring out the best and most affordable digital set-top box solutions to their subscribers. STMicroelectronics