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Heat Sinks Provide Cost-Effective Solutions at High Airflow


Norwood, Mass. – Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has a family of Pin Fin heat sinks designed as cost-effective solutions for systems with adequate airflow.

The high aspect ratio design enables ATS Pin Fin heat sinks to provide low thermal resistance from base to fins in systems where the airflow measures 200-plus LFM (linear feet per minute). The cross-cut design also allows the Pin Fin heat sinks to be effective in systems where the airflow is ambiguous.

These high-efficiency platform products, made from extruded aluminum, are available in component sizes from 10 mm by 10 mm to 60 mm to 60 mm. Heat sink heights range from 2 mm to 25 mm.

At higher airflows, ATS Pin Fin Heat Sinks can provide thermal resistance as low as 2.5°C/W without adding significant cost or weight to the design. Custom and standard solutions are available and all are ideal for spatially-constrained designs.

Pin Fin heat sinks are versatile. They can be attached with standard thermal tape or with ATS clipKIT, featuring either maxiGRIP or superGRIP two-component mechanical attachment systems that securely mount a heat sink to a component without needing to drill holes and with minimal additional footprint. Also, Pin Fin heat sinks can be used for a variety of packages from BGA to LGA to TSOP and more.

Learn more about the family of ATS Platform Products at https://www.qats.com/eShop.aspx?q=Custom%20Pin%20Finor https://www.qats.com/eShop.aspx?q=Standard%20Pin%20Fin.

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