Hirose BM22 Series micro-hybrid board-to-FPC connectors handle up to 4 amps



Hirose BM22 Series connectors

Hirose, a leader in the development of innovative connector solutions, offers a hybrid, board-to-FPC, small form factor connector capable of delivering nearly three times the power of similar-sized conventional connectors. The 4-position BM22 Series connector measures just 4.24 x 2.64mm with a mated height of only 0.9mm. Its tiny size and high current capacity make the BM22 Series an ideal choice for design engineers who need to optimize power transmissions while minimizing their PCB footprint.

Additional features include:
* Available in either four or six positions
Four position (2 power + 2 signal) | Six position (2 power + 4 signal)
* Polarized to prevent incorrect mating; the lead-in angle contributes to its smooth mating structure
* Both contacts (power and signal) provide a secure reliable contact through their two-point contact structure and effective mating lengths
* High retention force with locking feature on the power contacts
* Contact resistance is suppressed and temperature rise with 4 amps of current is less than 30°C
* The guidance ribs deliver a self-aligning range of 0.3 mm and do not require any special adjustments
* This connector can be directly soldered to the FPC/PCB and does not require any wiring or terminals to be crimped

"Miniaturization is a major trend," said Rick van Weezel, vice-president of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA. "Although products keep getting smaller, the current required to power these products often remains the same or even increases. The Hirose BM22 Series connector addresses both of these issues by providing an efficient and effective connection in a miniature form factor, with a unique design that enables our customer’s engineers to move a lot of current through a small space."

The Hirose BM22 Series connectors carry a voltage rating of 50V AC/DC, are RoHS compliant and halogen-free. The housing is made of LCP, the contact is a copper alloy with a gold-plated finish over nickel under-plating. Typical applications for the BM22 Series connectors include mobile phones, digital cameras, barcode scanners, portable medical devices, as well as computers and accessories.