IDT selected to develop integrated receiver chip for Qualcomm's wireless power technology


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Wi-Power technology

Integrated Device Technology Inc and Qualcomm Inc have announced the two companies have collaborated together to enable IDT's development of an IC (integrated circuit) for consumer electronics devices, based on Qualcomm's WiPower Technology. This IC will be designed to meet Qualcomm's new near-field magnetic resonance wireless power charging requirements, and designed to provide spatial freedom charging consumer electronics such as mobile phones and other battery-powered/low-power direct-charge devices. "IDT's leadership position in the wireless power industry has been proven by our award winning, highly-integrated IDTP9030 transmitter and multi-mode IDTP9020 receiver chipset," said Arman Naghavi, VP and GM of the Analog and Power division at IDT. "We welcome the advancements that Qualcomm is making with WiPower technology, and plan to support its continued success by delivering the industry's most innovative application-optimized solutions. IDT is excited to have been selected by Qualcomm to engage in this collaboration." "We are pleased that IDT has collaborated with Qualcomm to design an integrated circuit based on our existing WiPower reference design," said Steve Pazol, VP of business development at Qualcomm. "We chose to work with IDT because they have proven their ability to develop compact, monolithic solutions. Unlike traditional consumer electronics and wireless power that binds the user to a charging mat, Qualcomm is looking to expand WiPower Technology into everyday surfaces, making it convenient for the user to top-off their portable devices throughout the day." Developed by Qualcomm, WiPower technology uses resonant wireless energy transfer to elegantly reduce the amount of device chargers, unsightly power strips, and congested wall outlets that perform wireless charging, allowing for aesthetic charging pad designs that blend into a home, an office, and furniture. Power pads do not generally require a precise alignment of devices on the charging area or direct contact to charge a device, and can also charge multiple devices simultaneously. Integrated Device Technology Qualcomm