Improved Lab Management Software for Remote Battery Testing



NH Research Inc. (NHR) announces the launch of Enerlab 2.0, a battery test lab management solution.

Enerlab 2.0 battery test lab management software has a new enhanced design including a state of the art GUI focused on improving the user experience and productivity.

Enerlab is a top level enterprise software solution that monitors, controls and manages battery test stations using Enerchron. Enerlab empowers the executive, manager and engineer to improve productivity, utilization, and efficiency while ensuring safety by having real-time access and control of important lab and test information, anywhere at any time. Key capabilities range from live camera views to full control of test programs, and customizable dashboards and reporting tools.

Electrification has put battery testing in the critical path to market. The challenge is that testing takes a very long time and significant resources. Enerchron provides the automation and Enerlab provides access to key test information that a successful enterprise needs to stay on schedule and on budget. Due to Covid-19, many businesses are working from home or adopting hybrid work/home schedules. Enerlab provides a way to remotely access all battery test stations within a facility, on a web browser in real-time.

Enerchron is a powerful but easy to use test executive created for battery testing to simplify and accelerate your test automation. It breaks the mold of traditional battery cycling automation through its unique variable-based test sequence editor and easy integration and control of external software and hardware. Now, Enerlab provides the tools required to further accelerate battery testing across the enterprise and stay on schedule and on budget.

For more information, visit the Enerlab Lab Management Software or Battery Test Solutions webpages.