Introducing the World's First CO2 Negative Fuel



NextFuel's unique reactor that makes their fuel briquettes.

NextFuel is introducing a completely new energy solution to climate change that is CO2 negative, cheap, profitable and massively scalable. Their CO2 negative fuel briquette, made from elephant grass, is cheaper than oil and cheaper than coal in most markets.  A coal plant can, without any investments, directly replace some or all of its coal with this clean alternative.

The new technology has been tested and proven. The company has the first operational plant in Austria. They are currently implementing the first large projects in East-Africa and South America, and NextFuel was recently chosen as a best practice project by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s R20 Austrian World Summit.

This technological breakthrough will be presented at the UN Climate Summit on December 12, in  Katowice, Poland.  An estimated 20 thousand people from 190 countries will take part in the event, including politicians, representatives of non-governmental organizations, the scientific community and business sector. NextFuel has been invited by the Austrian Government that has the presidency of the EU Council.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“ICPP”) new report focused on a process known as BECCS (burning organic material of wood for energy - with carbon capture and storage) as the best climate solution for  reaching the 1.5 degree target fast enough. The NextFuel solution that focuses on grass instead of wood avoids many of the drawbacks of BECCS, while makes it possible to reach this target faster for far less costs.


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