IR's R8 rad-hard MOSFETs increase efficiency while reducing footprint



International Rectifier, a leader in power management technology, introduced two high performance R8 radiation hardened (RAD-Hard) power MOSFETs optimized for space grade point-of-load (POL) voltage regulator applications. The new R8 logic level power MOSFETs utilize Trench technology to offer extremely low on-state resistance (RDS(on)) of 12 milliohms (typical) and total gate charge (QG) of 18nC (typical), increasing efficiency performance by up to 6% compared to existing solutions. The IRHLNM87Y20SCS device has a BVDSS rating of 20V and a maximum drain current (ID) rating of 17A. The new devices are available in IR's new SMD 0.2 surface-mount style package, achieving a 50% space saving compared to the existing SMD 0.5 package solution. The devices are also offered in a TO-39 package or in die form for microcircuit design solutions. "Delivering industry leading performance in the smallest footprint, and optimized for POL designs, IR's new R8 RAD-Hard MOSFETs satisfy the space industry's need to reduce the overall size and weight of the system while increasing efficiency," said Tiva Bussarakons, Marketing Director, IR's HiRel Business Unit. The products are fully characterized for radiation performance to 300Krads of TID and SEE with LET of 81 MeV-cm2/mg with VGS rating of 12V. Depending on the intended design orbit and anticipated radiation environment, R8 RAD-Hard MOSFETs may be well suited for applications requiring a mission life of 15 years or more. Availability and Pricing Pricing for the R8 MOSFETs begins at $594 each for 250-unit quantity. Production orders are available immediately. Prices are subject to change. This product is subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations. International Rectifier