Isabellenhütte receives type examination certification


Isabellenhütte presents the first shunt-based, calibration law-compliant DC energy reference meter IEM-DCC-500 for charging infrastructure.

The new launch follows the successful completion of the type examination. The DC meters are now available for purchase by manufacturers of charging stations and can be integrated into the designs of their applications.


The basis of the type examination certification was the successfully conducted metrological measurement series (accuracy class B), the operation of the software in compliance with calibration law, the corresponding documentation for the customers and institutes, as well as the positive

completion of the EMC and environmental impact studies. Andreas Prüfling, Director of the Business Unit Measurement at Isabellenhütte: “We thank PTB Braunschweig for this good collaboration, which has ultimately led us to achieving a solution for the market that complies with calibration law. Simultaneously, we have expanded series production so that the DC meter is now directly available to recharging station manufacturers.” The design features integrated current and voltage measurement (500 A and 1,000 V) as well as the calibration law-relevant periphery in a compact housing that is secured against manipulation.


Strategic partnerships


The good news didn’t only bring relief to the development partner positive Innogy, which is itself still in the process of completing the type examination for its own recharging station solution with integrated IEM-DCC-500, but also for Isabellenhütte’s other strategic cooperation partners.


Tobias Wolff, Business Development Manager for Smart Grid at Isabellenhütte had this to say: “We are currently helping five recharging station manufacturers to integrate our DC meter into their hardware structure. We would like to use our experience to support more companies with design

integration in order to make the certification process for recharging station concepts easier.” The topic of “calibration-compliant DC energy measurement” has further potential for Isabellenhütte. Aspects such as adaptation to various power classes, increases in cost coefficients, and perspectives beyond the boundaries and market requirements of the EU promise an expanding field of business.