Kistler Introduces Next-Generation Melt Pressure Measurement Chain



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Kistler, a worldwide supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, has introduced the Type 4021B industrial melt pressure measuring chain. The chain is expressly designed for the simultaneous recording of short duration pressure peaks to 3000 bar (29000 psi) and of temperatures to +350°C (+662°F), in support of a variety of plastics injection molding requirements. With next-generation product enhancements that include choice of either voltage or current output, the robust design of the new Kistler Type 4021B builds upon the field-proven success of its predecessor model, the Type 4021A, incorporating a melt pressure sensor with abrasion-resistant stainless steel diaphragm and integral amplifier. The integral amplifier is expressly designed to match the sensor for superior measurement accuracy. Type 4021B is offered in multiple shank lengths and angular configurations, as well as pressure ranges, with choice of integral or removable cable in varying lengths. The unique performance characteristics of the Kistler Type 4021B allow for the sensor to be mounted directly in the flow of material. This eliminates the time lag typically associated with indirect measurement systems and enables real-time measurement of the process parameters that directly determine product quality. Type 4021B is ideal for use in demanding short-cycle process monitoring environments, such as those typically found within injection molding nozzle sensing or hot-runner sensing systems. As the sensors are free of mercury or other transmission media, they are ideal for use within medical, pharmaceutical and food-grade molding applications, as well as for polymer pump static pressure measurements. Recommended accessories, sold separately, include a seal ring; connecting cables; an amplifier fixing element; a dummy sensor; torque wrench; a 13 mm or 19 mm fork insert wrench; a service kit for cleaning bores and bore threads; signal adapters; and a sensor adapter for M18 ½" UNF threads. For additional details, please contact Kistler toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, or visit