Latest 1/4-Inch 1.0 Mp CMOS global shutter image sensor delivers high performance imaging for all light conditions in a new smaller package


AR0144 Global shutter device from ON Semiconductor achieves fast, clean and accurate imaging in static applications such as high-speed barcode scanners, and dynamic uses including drones and AR/VR

ON Semiconductor introduced a new 1/4-inch, 1.0 Megapixel (Mp) (1280H x 800V) CMOS digital image sensor which achieves industry leading levels of performance. The new sensor captures clean, accurate images with no artifacts in both bright and low light conditions. Its high shutter efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio minimise ghosting and noise effects improving overall image quality.


The 3.0 μm pixel AR0144 incorporates an innovative global shutter design that is optimised to address the increasingly stringent demands for accurate and fast capture in static and moving scene applications. Available in monochrome and colour, the sensor is ultra-compact with a choice of either 5.6 mm x 5.6 mm chip scale or bare die formats significantly easing integration into space constrained designs.


With a comprehensive set of features and extensive capabilities, the AR0144 is able to address the increasing number and diversity of end applications for image sensors. Mordor Intelligence forecasts that the global image sensors market will increase to $12.67 billion by 2018 with a CAGR of 7.69% over the period 2014-2020.


The AR0144 avoids designers having to compromise on resolution in order to find a solution that fits in their design. In static applications such as bar code scanners, the AR0144 is easy to incorporate in the handheld product format and ensures first-time scanning saving power, time and inconvenience. In dynamic applications such as drones, the sensor’s low power characteristics extend the time between charging, and its imaging performance supports better mapping of the environment for robust collision avoidance. Finally, in 3D camera and augmented / virtual reality designs, the AR0144 can provide a cost-effective and small form factor solution for capturing dual images for 3D mapping or depth sensing.


The AR0144 has a high degree of flexibility with a choice of master/video, trigger/single frame and auto trigger operating modes. Exposure time is controlled via a two-wire serial interface and configuration of both the window size and blanking times allows the resolution and frame rate (up to 60 fps at full resolution) to be adjusted to cover a particular Region of Interest (ROI). Versatility to accurately match the specific needs of applications can be achieved by a range of customisation possibilities; these include tuning, windowing, adjustable auto-exposure control, auto black level correction and more.


Commenting on the product launch, Gianluca Colli, VP and GM of Consumer Imaging Solutions at ON Semiconductor said: "The need for vision-based sensing and control is increasing with many new and diverse applications emerging and rapid growth in areas such as surveillance. The novel global shutter and class-leading performance of the AR0144 achieved in a very small package represent an enabling technology that will help designers bring compelling new products to market that are able to work in the most challenging operating environments.”