Lattice promotionally prices ICEblink 40 evaluation kits


Two new evaluation kits priced at $19

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ICEblink40 Evaluation Kit

Lattice Semiconductor has announced promotional pricing for its recently released iCEblink40 Evaluation Kits. The iCE40 mobileFPGA family, fabricated on non-volatile 40nm technology, is optimized for consumer and mobile applications that require low-power, low-cost, and small-footprint programmable logic. With two new iCEblink Evaluation Kits, engineers can easily evaluate and adopt non-volatile iCE40 technology. The iCEblink40-HX (High Performance) Evaluation Kit comes with an iCE40HX1K-VQ100 device (72 user I/Os) and the iCEblink40-LP (Low Power) Evaluation Kit comes with an iCE40LP1K-QN84 device (67 user I/Os). Both devices offer 1280 logic look up tables and 64 kbits of on-chip memory. The USB-powered iCEblink40 Evaluation Kits include features such as 1 Mbit of SPI Flash memory, capacitive touch buttons, LEDs, and access to all user I/Os. The free iCEcube2 development tool controls programming, accesses virtual I/O functions, and runs the included demos. Both the iCEblink40-HX1K and iCEblink40-LP1K Evaluation Kits are available at a low promotional price of $19 for immediate purchase on the website. Lattice Semiconductor product deeplink