Logic PD introduces Blueprint wearable device framework



Logic PD, a product innovation and realization company for connected devices, has introduced a Wearable Device Blueprint™, a step-by-step application guide for the development of products in the $70 billion wearable device market. A development-ready foundation, Logic PD’s Blueprint framework provides companies entering the wearables market with a competitive advantage by speeding concept development and reducing the risk associated with new product development.


Incorporated into bands, watches, and clothing, wearable technology monitors aspects of the user’s environment and communicates data through wireless technology to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. With applications ranging from health and fitness to safety, military and law enforcement, the $70 billion wearable market represents one of the fastest-growing technology segments.


“In the rapidly advancing wearables segment, time is of the essence,” said Scott Nelson, PhD, chief technology officer and executive vice president, at Logic PD. “Technology is moving fast, users expect the latest features and as a result, the pace at which product realization must occur requires an agile framework. With Blueprint, companies have a head start to address consumer needs and bring their device to market faster and in a configuration that maximizes adoption.”


A holistic approach to product development, Logic PD’s Blueprint framework guides the process through the examination of pre-identified considerations and requirements that address the technology necessary to develop a cutting-edge solution and the specific needs of a custom wearable device.


“Unlike traditional development cycles, success of wearable products must address the unique nature of user-technology interactions with the device itself,” said Tim O’Brien, senior vice president of medical/life sciences. “With Blueprint, we’re able to bring concept products to life and quickly into the hands of consumers for testing so that companies can make modifications throughout, rather than later when it is cost prohibitive.”


To validate the Blueprint framework, Logic PD collaborated with Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. to build a demonstration platform to showcase the application of Maxim’s technology in the wearable market. Developed in approximately two months, the demonstration platform, took the form of a Wellness Watch, a wearable fitness monitor that transmits the user’s body telemetry to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.



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