Los Lunas, New Mexico Unveils Cutting Edge Solar Technology



The Village of Los Lunas turned on its brand new Poly-gen Vertical Solar System that will provide power to the Village’s Recycling Center 24/7. The system utilizes a brand-new technology, and the Village of Los Lunas is the first municipality in the nation to have it. The system was designed and installed by Wiltech Energy, LLC. The new technology will  put out six times the power of traditional solar systems. The new system encompasses only 49 square feet, and will provide enough power to keep the recycling center operating and includes a 22 kw battery storage unit and a wind turbine.

“With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it makes sense to use the natural power of the sun to power up the Village buildings,” explained Greg Martin, Village of Los Lunas Manager. “Our hope is to be able to add solar to all Village property in the near future.”

The Wiltech Energy system is unique in its vertical geometry. “We are the only solar system in the world that can produce solar energy in the winter,” explained Oswald Wilson, Wiltech Energy CEO. “Because of the vertical orientation of the panels, they work during winter weather and even in desert sandstorms. We believe this technology will change the way solar power is delivered.”

The Wiltech Vertical Polygen Solar System is unique to power electric vehicle charging stations, telecommunication towers and other base loads. The Polygen frame was designed by Oswald Wilson and built by Stephen A. Yavorski, SR. of Airmet Metalworks in Newark New Jersey. Photos of the project can be seen here.