M/A-COM releases single-channel CMOS driver for microwave switching apps



M/A-COM Technology Solutions, a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, introduced a single-channel CMOS Driver for Microwave Switching Applications. The MADR-009269 is a high performance single channel CMOS Driver that is used to translate TTL control inputs into complementary gate control voltages for GaAs FET microwave switches and attenuators. The device boasts high voltage CMOS technology, lower power dissipation and positive voltage control; making it an excellent solution for customers. Packaged in a low cost SOIC-8 package, the MADR-009269 is ideal for customers looking for a low price driver with convenient implementation. "The MADR-009269 CMOS driver greatly simplifies the bias requirements for a range of switching and attenuation applications allowing our customers to achieve faster time-to-market," said Paul Beasly, Product Manager. "The low power dissipation, fast response time and convenient package make this integrated device an attractive solution that shrinks board space and improve costs." The output HIGH level ranges from 0 to +2.0V to optimize the intermodulation products of FET control devices. For driving PIN Diode Circuits, the outputs are nominally switched between +5V and -5V. The MADR-009269 utilizes high speed analog CMOS technology to achieve lower power dissipation at moderate to high speeds; allowing customers to efficiently cover most microwave switching applications. M/A-COM