Marway enables ethernet-based switching of PDU outlets with new RCM software



Marway Power Solutions, a leading designer and manufacturer of application-specific power distribution solutions for defense and industrial markets, announced its new MPD Series RCM software for the remote control over Ethernet of Marway's MPD Power Distribution Units' (PDUs) outlets. In addition to modern web and command line interfaces, the new software features a RESTful API for programming automated machine-to-machine (M2M) control. The MPD Series RCM software controls PDU outlets using a web browser over HTTP/S, or a command line over Telnet or SSH. The control software is well suited for a wide variety of PDUs for industrial, defense, test automation, OEM, VAR, and other applications. With a flexible switching hardware foundation, the MPD series PDUs offer of a wide range of switchable AC and DC outlet connection types, from simple screw terminals and standard receptacles to pin and sleeve connectors for harsh environments. To facilitate scripted automation, the RCM software utilizes a RESTful application programming interface (API). URL-like commands are sent using the HTTP library of any programming language, and responses are provided in simple text format. For example, a "GET /getOutlet/3/switch" request will respond with an "on" or "off" text value with no follow-up parsing needed. Since a RESTful API is designed for M2M interfacing, and is based on HTTP, it is generally easier to work with and more efficient than traditional protocols including the parsing of human-oriented Telnet commands and responses. Marway President, Paul Patel explained, "We wanted to offer our customers the safety, convenience, and flexibility of remote network control. Ethernet-based outlet switching has not been common for these types of PDUs, but we're seeing more interest in it. Beyond that, we wanted to bring a sense of modern design to our networking interfaces. We believe the web and command line interfaces are clean, clear, and easy to navigate. And, we believe including the RESTful API will be a productive and reliable means for our customers to add scripted automation of the PDU within their control environments." Features of the RCM software include: Remote switching of up to 256 individual outlets Web-based user interface (HTTP, HTTPS) Command-line user interface (Telnet, SSH) RESTful API for scripted outlet switching automation Multiple users with independent login credentials On-board event logging SNTP time-stamping of log activities 10/100-T Ethernet, DHCP and manual IP Available now, the new RCM software is available with new configured MPD PDUs. Marway