Master Distributors Offers Marathon Special Products Solar Power Integration Components


Agency rated for use with flexible stranded wire and up to 1000V CE

Master Distributors, a leading distributor of electromechanical, interconnect and passive components, announces that it carries a complete line of PV integration components manufactured by Marathon Special Products, including enclosed fuse holders, enclosed power blocks, grounding lugs, power distribution blocks, all major classes of fuse holders, as well as terminal blocks. The products are used in combiner boxes, distribution/electric panels, junction boxes and inverters for PV applications. Marathon's products have several advantages over other products available in the marketplace. Most of the PV product offerings have received agency ratings for use with flexible stranded wire. This can result in reduced labor costs and reduced panel size as a result of smaller bend radii. Another advantage is that Marathon's wiring devices are CE rated up to 1000 Volt AC/DC. Higher voltage systems can utilize smaller expensive PV wire. Marathon is currently seeing requests for higher voltage rated products and is developing additional products to extend its product offerings to meet the PV industry's expected future requirements. The vast majority of Marathon products, more than 97 percent, are manufactured in the USA at the company's Bowling Green, Ohio integrated manufacturing facility, providing service, lead time, and reliability benefits. "Marathon is the only major manufacturer of these components in the United States and we have a long and successful history of manufacturing passive components for electrical utilities," said Michael Grenning, Marathon's national sales manager. Master Distributors has worked closely with Marathon for more than 20 years and maintains a large inventory of Marathon products, making it easier to respond to customer demand for fast turnaround time. They are also fully trained on Marathon's products and offer excellent technical and customer support.