Miniature Coaxial Connector Offered With 40GHZ SMP Interface


Ideal for miniature high frequency coaxial modules, the MIL standard compliant SMP Series coaxial connector features easy push-on lock....

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- Hirose has launched a series of MIL compliant coaxial connectors that deliver excellent high frequency performance up to 40Ghz. The SMP Series mmWave connector features a user-friendly push-on lock and is available in wide variations including plug, jack, adapter and terminator. Offering high contact reliability, the SMP Series self-aligns to ensure proper and secure mating.

The SMP Series is commonly used in automotive LIDAR systems, optical transmission devices, data transmission measurement, radio communication equipment, and various testing and measuring instruments.

The SMP Series is the latest addition to Hirose’s extensive mmWave connector offering, which includes the 2.92mm and 2.4mm product families. The 2.92mm HK Series coaxial connector supports frequencies up to 40Ghz, while the 2.4mm H2.4 Series connector supports frequencies up 50Ghz. The broad product offering includes plug, receptacle, attenuators, terminators and adapters. The reusable screw-mounted 2.4 and 2.92 connectors are ideal for use in characterization boards.

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