Miniature Switches from C&K Components Deliver High-Reliability, High-Performance in Smart Meter Applications



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C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tactile, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, provides a broad offering of highly reliable, high-performance switches suitable for smart meter applications. Ideal for use as set-up, selection and reset buttons, the completely sealed KSC Series tactile switches are available in heights ranging from 2.5mm up to 7.7mm. The new KSE Series tactile switches are also completely sealed and feature a height of 3.1mm. Providing a more economical option, the non-sealed miniature PTS Series is only 6mm x 3.5mm with various heights available. Low-profile detect switches provide anti-piracy protection and are available in a wide range of sizes. The miniature, IP40-rated KSU Series is well-suited delivers permanent detect condition at extreme temperatures with fast recovery time below 250ms. The KSU Series features a dimension of 7mm x 2.1mm and a height of 5.1mm. The ultra-low profile GDS Series detect switch allows for X- or Y-axis actuation and has a height of 1.0mm. The SDS Series and HDT Series are also low profile detect switches providing 2mm over-travel, and top or side actuation, respectively. Ideal for pairing and coding functions, the TDA Series ultra-miniature half-pitch DIP switch is side-actuated and features bifurcated contacts for increased electrical reliability. Featuring a stainless steel cover, the RTE Series combines miniaturization with ruggedness, and provides rotary, binary-decimal and hexadecimal coding. In addition, C&K's advanced tilt switches provide movement detection, tamper protection,and theft detection for smart meter applications. "C&K Components is continuously using the latest technology tools to develop switches that answer current and future industry needs. The expansion of our product offering makes C&K a one-stop-switch-shop for manufacturers of devices such as smart meters," said Gustavo Jimenez, product manager at C&K Components. For more information, visit,72963.html