Modem transceiver reduces power consumption by up to 50%



Texas Instruments introduced a fully-integrated, on-off keying modem transceiver that is compliant with the Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) v2.0 specification. The SN65HVD62 reduces power consumption by up to 50 percent compared to the competition. The transceiver modulates and demodulates signals between the logic (baseband) and a frequency suitable for long coaxial media such as AISG coaxial links between base station and tower- mounted equipment, tower-mounted amplifiers, remote electrical tilt units and control links on microwave towers. Key features and benefits of the SN65HVD62 Lowest power: Offering a standby mode and a 33-mA supply current, it reduces power consumption by up to 50 percent compared to the competition, allowing designers to reduce overall power consumption and simplify cooling mechanisms in their systems. Fully-integrated solution: Integrates all components required to transmit and receive signals, including an active band-pass filter to demodulate signals even in the presence of spurious frequency components, into a 3-mm by 3-mm package reducing board space compared to discrete solutions. Adjustable, modulated output amplitude: Supports adjustable output power levels, varying from 0 dBm to 6 dBm delivered to the 50-ohm coax cable, allowing the designer to optimize the signal to the application for greater flexibility compared to the competition. Better emissions: With lower emissions in the RF band than competitive solutions, applications achieve better signal-to-noise ratio in cellular data without the need for external filtering, resulting in fewer data errors and dropped calls. The SN65HVD62 provides a direction output, for easy control of half-duplex, RS-485 transceivers, such as the SN65HVD72, which is compatible with the 115-kbps signaling rate used in AISG networks. This combination provides the lowest-power link between the base station and multiple pieces of tower-mounted equipment. Tools and support The SN65HVD62EVM is available to evaluate the electrical parameter performance and features of the SN65HVD62 AISG on-off keying modem transceiver. It can be ordered today for US$99. Support is available on the Interface Forum in the TI E2E™ Community, where engineers designing with the SN65HVD62 can ask questions and get answers from TI experts. The SN65HVD62 is available in industry-standard, 16-pin QFN package. Suggested retail pricing in 1,000-unit quantities is US$2.00. Texas Instruments