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Modular Switching Regulators Now Available at Rutronik


Designed as an ideal substitute for inefficient linear supplies, the RECOM R-78E Series offers all of the advantages of a switching regulator with a low cost in production quantities

PLANO, TX – Rutronik, Inc. has announced that RECOM’s latest R-78E Series switching regulator module is now available at Rutronik24. RECOM designed the R-78E Series as a pin-compatible drop-in replacement for existing LM78 linear regulators, offering design engineers all the advantages of a switching regulator, including high efficiency, wide input voltage range, and accurate output voltage regulation, with a low cost in production quantities.

RECOM’s R-78E Series non-isolated switching regulator module features converter efficiency up to 95%, without requiring a heat sink. Available in a compact TO-220 compatible SIP3 package that measures only 11.6 x 8.5 x 10.4mm, the R-78E Series saves valuable board space. The R-78E Series also meets IEC/EN60950-1 certifications.

The switching regulators are available in stock from Rutronik’s Texas facility with input voltages ranging from 6–28V.

For more information on the R-78E Modular Switching Regulators Series from RECOM, visit: https://www.rutronik.com/recom/.

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