Morgan Advanced Materials offers multi-layer ceramic piezoelectric actuators



Morgan’s piezoelectric ceramic multi-layer actuator

Morgan Advanced Materials is helping meet the growing global demand for precise, controllable and repeatable displacement devices in the micrometer and sub-micrometer range with its co-fired multi-layer ceramic piezoelectric actuators. The actuators multi-layer structure allows devices to generate large mechanical strains at relatively low voltages, making them ideal for optical and medical instrumentation, valves, printers and nano/micro positioning applications, as well as position control, detonators, hard disc drives, and pumps.

With more than 55 years of experience in the development and production of electroceramic materials and components for the electronics industry, Morgan combines its piezoelectric materials expertise and multi-layer capacitor production techniques to offer a wide range of multi-layer piezoelectric ceramic actuators.

The actuators are capable of finely controlled micron activation in expansion, kilo-newtons of force, and tens of microseconds of response time. In addition to a standard range, custom actuators with smaller surface areas or those with greater height and displacement can also be developed.

Morgan’s piezoelectric ceramic multi-layer actuators consist of many thin layers of piezoelectric material interspaced with metal electrodes. They are co-fired mechanically and supplied in series or parallel circuitry.

The actuators can be supplied as assemblies consisting of a single or stacked actuator. Each actuator assembly is manufactured with protective ceramic end plates for wear resistance and electrical insulation, as well as a conformal epoxy coating for electrical insulation. They can be equipped with insulated copper wire leads and a dielectric coating, with an inactive ceramic insulation layer at the top and bottom. To ensure reliability in service, Morgan conducts comprehensive in-house testing of all its multi-layer actuators.

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